Dreaming of a Dream

You know, some days I wake up and realize that my dreams consist of things I don’t have. Things that I’ve always wanted. Now I don’t know about you guys but everyday I think ahead into my future and try to figure out what it is I want, and how I expect to achieve it. Sometimes it seems hard to do, like it won’t happen, and other times I want it so bad that the reality of it actually happening seems inevitable. I like that feeling. It’s a feeling of hope, pride, success and happiness all wrapped up in one little gift bag just for me. I want a nice house, (your pretty typical dream) with a nice sporty car that has a system. Now that’s the killer right there, the sporty car with a nice stereo system. I try to keep my dream somewhat realistic with maybe a really nice dodge charger, a red one. I want lights in it for when I’m sitting somewhere, and a stereo deck that has every option as far as c.d, tape player and aux port. I want the speakers to be magnificent, great sound quality that just flows through your body and a bass you can feel in your gut. Now it’s not the greatest thing or the most original either, so you’re probably wondering why I want this so bad, of all things. Well the answer to that is I love to go for a drive when I’m upset, when I’m joyful, or when I’m on the verge of losing it. There’s just something about being alone and leaving, having the open road in front of you with the choice of which way to turn. I love that feeling. I love the wind, the smells, the freedom and most of all I love listening to the music of my choice in the best quality. It’s way better than singing in the shower, or listening to headphones while cleaning. It’s the ultimate life for me. That is the one thing I always dream about, everyday.


Keeping up with the Jones’


Body Advertising!

So I’ve been on this body advertising kick, and apparently people have been selling space on their bodies to companies to have logos or names tattooed to them. Now this has been going on for years, but I just heard about this today. I find it quite interesting actually. The man pictured is Billy Gibby AKA  Billy the human billboard. He as far as I know has the most advertisements tattooed to his body. I guess he made over $200,000 doing this. Wow!